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The company ''TehnaPlusYU' d.o.o.' d.o.o. from Nova Pazova is an authorized importer of tools the world's leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Carbide®, Showa tools®, Laip®, Alfra®, Rix sagen® and Mib Messzeuge®.

Here you can buy the newest generation of high productivity tools for high-quality processing of all types of metals. We'll find a wide variety of everything you need for metal milling, turning, sawing, punching and punching, as well as tools for cleaning and polishing and measuring istruments.

For all that you want to know about tools that you see on our site, please contact us. We'll be honored to help you get to the right choice!

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Catalog Drilling tools

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Catalog Indexable milling tools

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Catalog Solid milling tools

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Catalog Turning tools

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Catalog MPlus Tools

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Catalog Product highlights

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New technologies in metalworking

In our region 'TehnaPlusYU' d.o.o. is confersing the newest world technologies in the tool production for a metal, rock and wood processing.
In it's trading stock TehnaPlus-YU has cemented carbide tools with exceptional perfomances, more economical and longer lifetime in regards to competition

Perfomances and a tool lifetime lenght depends mostly on a material that is made of. Cutting mode is composed of three main styles ; turning, milling, and drilling. By choosing an appropriate cutting tool according to the cutting mode, hard metals can be machined efficiently.

'TehnaPlusYU' d.o.o. nave multifunctional tools.

Cemented carbide grades that can withstand these high temperatures are the most successful. Carbide formed into different configurations are the most popular, and they are called indexable inserts. The figure on the right shows the condition of a cutting edge during machining. The cutting edge cuts the workpiece and chips are produced. The temperature at the top of the cutting edge becomes as high as 800°C because of impact and friction.

Today cemented carbide tools have become a primary means for increasing metal cutting productivity, while research constantly develops new products for more accurate and faster machining to reduce manufacturing costs.

On the picture below, you can see a manufacturing process of carbide tools.

Use the most advanced tools and get a step ahead!


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